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We value our patients' experience at Newman Chiropractic Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Kevin Waterloo
Your Pittsburgh Chiropractor

"Back pain has completely gone away!"
-Myra T.

"Chronic migraine headaches... Dramatic positive results with chiropractic care!"
-Shannon F.

     "I found Newman Chiropractic Center and Dr. Kevin through a search online.  I had a pretty severe condition of neck and arm pain that was ongoing for about two weeks.  My daily life pretty much came to a stand still due to the pain.  I couldn’t do my regular daily activities and was reduced to taking pain pills and staying in bed.  My medical doctor had prescribed the medications for me, but they had no effect.

     My results with chiropractic care have been great.  First of all the pain has been almost completely resolved.  But also the knowledge I’ve gained about what the problem was and how to prevent it from coming back, was like gold.

     I think chiropractic care is great because it addresses the true nature of the problem, devises a plan for correction, and with time and consistency fixes what ails you.  Chiropractic care not only fixed my problem, but taught me about the true function of the spine and how to live a healthier life going forward."

-Carey A.

"Couldn't stand, sit, or walk without severe low back pain and sciatica... now back to normal life!"
Jen D.

     "I was diagnosed with a back condition in 1992 called spondylolisthesis.  I underwent surgery for this condition at that time.  Years later in 2003 during my pregnancy the symptoms of pain and numbness in my right leg returned and had been there ever since.  My medical doctor tried everything from a nerve root block to epidural injections to physical therapy to help my problems.  These procedures gave me no relief.  I couldn’t stand or walk for long periods due to the pain.

     I met Dr. Kevin at a vendor fair in Millvale.  He talked to me about my condition and offered to see if he could help.  I began getting adjusted at his clinic and have made great progress.  Now I can stand for longer periods of time and walking is much more comfortable.  The severity of tingling and numbness in my leg has decreased greatly.

     If you have a problem and have never seen a chiropractor I’d tell you to try treatment with Dr. Kevin because it really does work.What do you have to lose?"

-Jennifer K.

"Severe neck and arm pain...  Now I'm feeling great!"
Bob P.

     "I’ve suffered from low back pain for most of my adult life.  It was a result of working in heavy labor jobs over the years.  One day I was driving by the office and saw a sign and decided to give them a call.  Before I came in to see Dr.Kevin the pain in my back was severe, constant, and prevented me from enjoying things as simple as taking a walk.  The pain also worsened my depression.

     Now my pain is nearly disappeared and I can do the things I want to do.  I’m walking every day and can enjoy playing with my grandkids now!  My depression has reduced since I can get out of the house and enjoy my family more.  Dr. Kevin  will be very straightforward and clear with you and his staff will treat you well.  If you’ve suffered like me for years, try Dr. Kevin’s clinic, it’ll be worth your while."

-Robert E.

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